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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  August 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. fears of another stock market meltdown are being replaced by a rebound. at least for now. a check of the dow jones
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industrial shows that it is up by more than 200 points. and other markets are following suit. the market is looking on the upside after one of the biggest point drops in history. susan mcginnis reports from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: the bargain hunters return to wall street, pushing stocks up this morning. stocks have lost 15% of their value in the last two weeks. the debt crisis, a stalling economy and a ratings downgrade have sent the market into a tailspin. oversees markets are also suffering over concerns about a global recession. hong kong's hang seng index is down nearly 6%. japan's nikkei was off nearly 2%. european stocks were mostly flat. investors everywhere are watching to see if the federal reserve will take any action to jump start the economy when it wraps up its meeting today in washington. interest rates remain near zero. the fed chairman has hinted he might do more to help boost the
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economy. president obama announced new standards to make trucks kinder to the environment. the president's new fuel efficiency standard would require big rigs to use 23% less gas starting in 2014. delivery trucks, buses and garbage trucks need to show a 9% reduction in fuel. the white house is hoping the new standards will save $50 billion in gas costs while reducing emissions. that's your money watch. for more business headlines, go to well, the senate banking committee is looking into standard & poors decision to downgrade america's credit rating. investigators have already started gathering information about the decision. some lawmakers are calling s&p's move irresponsible. more than 100 employees are on hand for d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton's job fair. it is underway at the washington convention center until 3:00 this afternoon. the job fair is open to d.c.
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residents only. participants are asked to wear professional attire and, of course, bring copies of their resume. norton says job seekers can speak with more than 100 private and public employers with confirmed jobs. a cleveland park institution is closing its doors. ireland's four fields formerly known as the four provinces is leaving its connect cut avenue location. it has been there for more than 35 years. but the owner says a proposed rent hike will force him to close his doors on november 5th. frank hughes says he intends to open the restaurant in another location. we have breaking news coming from the d.c. police department. a high-ranking member of the police department has been demoted. commander hilton burton, police chief cathy lanier said burton
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has been relieved of his responsibilities in the wake of what she calls several critical incidents. burton made headlines in june when he testified about police escorts given to celebrities. he testified that the special operations division, which he headed, routinely escorted celebrities. chief lanier later said that she never approved escorts for celebrities. some federal employees are receiving their first look at their new workplace. the mark center in alexandria welcomed the first wave of 1,000 workers who will be working there by the end of the year. surae chinn took a look at the commute. >> it is going to be packed. >> reporter: tuesday morning, when the massive mark center complex opened, some drivers wanted to check out how their commute would be. >> was it bad today? >> it was ok. >> that's because not all 6400 federal workers came in today.
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construction crews are still putting the final touches on the building. >> i came this way to see and i know that it isn't up to full capacity yet. >> my commute, i think is going to go from 30 minutes to probably several hours. >> are you exaggerating a little bit? >> no. >> lawmakers have already given the 395 seminary road interchange a failing grade when it comes to transportation service. and now, folks who already li and work here are holding their breath in the months to come. >> it is going to get gradually worse. >> vdot will build a special ramp from the hov lanes on to seminary road. >> at least they're going to do it. it will be painful. >> reporter: metro and dash buses will run to and from metro stations and the pentagon and mark hillman's company has even given employees the option to change their work schedules. >> we are adjusting work hours. we're exploring with telecommuting. >> six and a half thousand people will work in the building and there's probably only a couple thousand that work in the mark center right
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now. we're quadrupling the population. we've added one turn lane. >> in alexandria, surae chinn, 9news now. the 6400 federal workers are scheduled to move into the mark complex by the end of january. the ex-marine accused of firing potshots at the pentagon and other military targets, appeared in court today. 22-year-old yonathan malaku was arrested in june after being spotted in arlington national cemetery. he's facing grand larceny charges in loudoun county. malaku is corrected to a series of multiple car break-ins and his lawyer says that his client did not have a problem with the marine corps. >> police in aruba are searching for a woman from frederick, maryland. 35-year-old robin gardner has been missing since last tuesday. a man who accompanied her, 50- year-old gary giordano said gardner went snorkeling but was
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swept out to sea. he's being held on suspicion of murder charges. gardner vanished from the same resort town in aruba where natalee holloway was last seen back in 2005. after nearly 200 years, the house of representatives program is ending. it allows high school students to serve as messengers while getting a behind-the-scenes look at congress. but now, with the internet and e-mail, leaders say they can no longer justify the program's $5 million price tag. the house program will end on august 31st. although the senate will still use pages. an investigation is underway into an early morning fire and domestic dispute in lanham, maryland. police and firefighters were called to the 5500 block of lanham station road around 6:00 a.m. the fire was put out quickly. but a male victim was found stabbed inside the home. police say they are still investigating the exact
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circumstances surrounding this incident. prince george's county police are also trying to determine what caused a man to lose control of his car last night. customers dove for cover when the vehicle plowed into a giant grocery store. it happened on allentown road in camp springs, maryland. prince george's county police say the driver suffered minor injuries. no one was injured in the store. coming up ahead on 9news now at noon, polygamist leader warren jeffs, could be sentenced to life in prison today. we'll have the latest from the courtroom. plus, a woman jumping from a burning building has become one of the iconic images of the london riots. we'll have the latest on that unrest when we come back.
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convicted polygamist leader warren jeffs is awaiting his punishment from the same texas jury that convicted him on child sex charges. jeffs faces life in prison. prosecutors rested their case yesterday after showing photos of jeffs intimately kissing his young wives. he was convicted last week of sexually assaulting two underaged girls he took as so-
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called brides. diana nyad has abandoned her quest to swim from cuba to key west. the 61-year-old swimmer called everything off after 29 hours in the water. a member of her support team blameds a combination of factors for the decision. nyad had hoped to become the first swimmer to complete the 100 mile journey without using a shark cage. a federal judge in sacramento has approved the payment of $232,000 to the victims and survivors of theodore kaczynski. the unabomber. the money was raised through a court-ordered auction of the unabomber's tools and other possessions. some of those items auctioned will be displayed right here in washington at the national museum of crime and punishment. caskets carrying the remains of 30 american troops killed in afghanistan arrived at dover air force base this morning. 22 navy seals are among the
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dead whose helicopter was apparently downed last weekend. the press is being kept away from the base. the crash was so horrific that soldiers have not yet been identified, at least not all of them. president obama canceled an evening in virginia in order to go to dover. he'll be joined by members of the victim's families at a private ceremony today. police say that they are considering the use of plastic bullets as a means to quell violent riots in london. city has been rocked by three days of unrest and copycat riots have spread to other cities. charlie d'agata has more. >> reporter: london police armed with shields weren't enough to take back control were rioters on a violent rampage. now, scotland yard is tripping its numbers bringing in 16,000 officers tonight. some possibly armed with rubber
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bullets. >> the one thing you're going to see a lot of is arrests. >> rioter have torched buildings and cars for three straight nights in the city set to host the summer olympics last year. >> they stormed the shops and smashed it to pieces. >> thieves busted store windows making off with as much loot as they could carry. >> i don't know why people do this. >> britain's prime minister cut short his vacation to tackle the crisis head on on! >> you will feel the full force of the law. and if you are old enough to commit these crimes, you are old enough to face the punishment. >> reporter: punishment for crimes like arson. this is what's left of a furniture store in south london that has stood here since 1867. london fire brigades answered 2100 emergency calls overnight. one involved a woman jumping from a burning building. the violence kicked off after police shot and killed a 29- year-old father of four last
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week. authorities blame thugs for exploiting the chaos to ransack shops. so far, police have arrested more than 500 people and saved the -- and say the city's cell blocks are full. charlie d'agata, london. a lot of people drive by it. and on it. the germantown road named after him. coming up, we're going to introduce you to the real father hurley. >> sunshine coming out here on the weather terrace. going to help fuel the atmosphere for a few storms. we'll take a look at that. we'll check out the allergy update. mold spores are still high perform you're suffering grass pollen is medium. trees and weeds are low. seven-day forecast just ahead. you're watching 9news now at noon.
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on the other hand, i would like to qualify for your purposes, i'm not dead. [ laughter ] i'm very much alive. i just celebrated my 80th birthday. [ applause ] >> congratulations! that's monsignor leonard hurley. the namesake of father hurley boulevard in germantown. he spoke at a ceremony yesterday, celebrating an $11 million extension of the roadway. the first section was opened and named after father hurley
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in 1987. he still has his sense of humor because during traffic reports, he says he hears that he's backed up every morning. father hurley tells us nurses, it's a private matter. leave it alone. he looks great! >> yeah. he does. i'm on father hurley boulevard all the time. that's my part of the world up there. >> all right. so thunderstorms are in the forecast for this afternoon? >> yeah, we're going to have some showers and storms arriving a little bit later. had some lighter showers around during the morning. north and west, the cloud cover, the showers have really kept you cool. some spots are still in the 70s at last check. we're well in the 80s here in washington. j.c., we're going back into the 90s this afternoon. a little bit of mugginess as well. this is going to change. by thursday and friday, it is going to be some kind of sweet around here. sunshine breaking out now. look for 89 degrees and partly if not mostly sunny. clouds thicken up. by mid afternoon, starting west
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to east, we've got a threat for a couple of thunderstorms arriving, highs in the low 90s, maybe 93 or so here in town. with winds out of the southwest at about 10 miles per hour. then as we head toward this evening, the thunderstorm threat will be waning. by 9:00, partly to mostly cloudy. 85. when we go to the west and a west-northwest wind, the drier air will work its way in and it will feel a whole lot better over the next couple of days. this morning, we have the showers that went to the north. much heavier pennsylvania up in new york. notice back here in pittsburgh and west virginia, western pa, the new showers and storms are starting to fire if they're mainly west of interstate 79, that's what we'll be watching as we go through the afternoon. here is a look at live doppler 9000 hd. west is all quiet right now. off to the east, we've got one severe thunderstorm warning in far northern delaware. this is really where all of the action is east of town and south of town. we'll take you to southern maryland and northern neck, couple of sprinkles here through just about to ridge and st. mary's city, patuxent city
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air station. leonardtown, south of leonardtown toward electionenington park. you guys are seeing the showers there. northeast of town if you're trekking up toward baltimore here in the next little while, you may run into a shower. pretty hefty one here passing across interstate 97 north of annapolis. east and southeast of bwi. on the northwest side of the baltimore metro. it is quiet out there. for the rest of us, here is the difference. where it is dry, mid to upper 80s. we have the sprinkles and the cloud cover still in the 70s in hagerstown and gaithersburg. winchester and culpepper temps have shot up into the mid and upper 80s. with 84 in alexandria, 85 in centreville now. 86 in manassas. 78 in laurel. clouds have made quite a difference. national checking in with 86. cloudy on the hour but the sun is coming out now. dew point though, that is the sticky factor right there. 72. to our friends down south who are smelling the smoke in southern maryland, it is a big
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brushfire down in the great dismal swamp and the smoke is being blown up toward us. we've got this storm system in the northeast. couple of showers and storms down across the south. we'll watch these to become severe later on. i have to show you the future cast here quickly because we've got front one coming through today with the showers and storms and then this second front tomorrow comes through. that might touch off a storm. more importantly, the drier air that follows it will give us a great finish for the work week. 93 today. couple of storms. 92 tomorrow after being in the 60s and 70s overnight. thursday and friday look fantastic. mid-80s and then a couple of storms still possible over the weekend. highs remaining in the 80s. we're going to the kitchen. stick around. 9news now at noon will return in a moment.
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our special chef today transforms local organic produce into french-inspired dishes! i want you to meet sylvan kramer. he's executive chef at cafe dupont which is at -- in the hotel, dupont circle hotel which is located 1500 new hampshire avenue. and what are you preparing? >> we're making a roasted corn risotto today. i have started here already with sweating off the pancetta which is a rolled pork belly and we added a little bit of garlic and shallots in here and add the risotto rice you find in every store, supermarket.
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we're using arbolo. sweat it together with the pancetta with the garlic. and see that it becomes like -- sweat when it becomes all shiny. add a little bit of white wine. a dry, white wine. if you like more, you can add more. >> don't you always add white wine to your risotto? >> absolutely. >> at home? >> of course, i do. >> me, too. >> nothing wrong with that. >> then you let it reduce quickly. you're going to add some vegetable broth. we make it like celery, leeks and onions and then reduce it. on the side when it comes to a boil, you turn it back on the stove. and let it simmer. shouldn't be cooking too hot. let it simmer on the side for about 15 to 20 minutes. then it should come out looking like this. exactly. >> what we do here, still a
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little bit al dente in the middle. we let some of the roasted sweet corn which we have here. we roasted it over the grill. then you take the kernel off. >> this looks like a fantastic dish. >> it is very light. we have it on the menu for restaurant week starting next monday. >> tomatoes. >> always good. you can add a little bit more stuff. >> ok. by the way, this recipe -- we're going fast, it is on our web site at so, you'll be able to make this at home. and it really isn't that difficult. it is -- lots of ingredients but the way the chef is doing it, it looks very easy but of course, if you wanted to taste perfect, then you go to cafe dupont! dupont circle hotel. >> some fresh butter. very important. make it nice and creamy in the end. gets all of the flavors out of the rice.
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>> ok. >> 30 seconds. >> as i mentioned with that, you'll finish it up with a little bit of fresh herbs. you can easily serve it with seafood. we have a dish with risotto at cafe dupont which we serve with scallops as well. >> this is chef sylvan kramer. tell him i sent you. have a good dish! delicious food. >> enjoy!
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